This is the homepage of AEG Soft. We are a group of two persons (Andy & Pippo) that, from 1983 to 1995, have developed and cracked programs for the immortal Commodore 64.
Nowadays, Andy is a good computer programmer (PC I mean) and Pippo is a qualified agent.

But we haven't forget ours first love (C64) and Pippo is still using it also for work.....


If you haven't ever seen a C64, you must know that, instead of PC, that requires Megs of ram for playing stupid games, the Commodore, with only 64K, permits you to use great games with an excellent sound.

C64 screenshot

A screenshoot of the presentation screen of C64 (just powered on)

AEG Soft programs consist in utilities (aeg turboloader, aeg viruskiller, aeg compactor +3, etc) and in games (totally new or modified) like: Peracchia in Urbek's castle, Italy '90 Microprose soccer, Peracchia: escaping from Urbek's castle, Mario Adventure, PornoBarbarian II, Mario goes to diamond, Usa '94 Microprose soccer, etc...

Aeg Intro of Perracchia 2

screenshoot of an intro


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