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South Africa World Cup 2010 Microprose Soccer

We've received many email for downloading our proggy (especially about PornoBarbarian II, a modified Barbarian II of Palace... pigs!) (Take it here, coz we can host in this site this particular subject..) . We are going to remove our real names and addresses from intros (and it's very hard to do: we don't use C64 machine language since 1995 and -believe it or not- we don't remember ANYTHING of assembly!). So be patient and check this page sometimes...

Available proggy (all in D64 format):

World2010 snapshot South Africa 2010 Microprose Soccer - As usual, here we go again with the latest world cup update!
filefinder snapshot CBM FileFinder 1.0 [PC Tool] - Little tool useful to find a specific file inside common emulator file formats (such as D64, T64, G64, CRT and so on) or information inside SID files. You can find, for example, SID from Rob Hubbard, or a specific SEQ file in all youre files. It comes with a complete help file.
World2006 snapshot Germany 2006 Microprose Soccer - the tradition continues! World Cup 2006 is here!
World2002 snapshot Korea/Japan 2002 Microprose Soccer - Again.. This time the world cup 2002 is on the air!
Usa94 snapshot USA 94 Microprose Soccer - as above but refered to USA 94 world cup. Remastered version: the old version available on this site was without the intro pic.
Italy90 Snapshot Italy 90 Microprose Soccer - Microsoccer with Italy 90 world cup teams inserted. Difficulty level for team is respected.
Mario Adventure Snap Mario Adventure - the game Terry's Big Adventure converted in a Mario Bros game. Please note: do not use the infinite time, or the game will lock at the end of the 1st stage
Mario goes to diamonds Snap Mario goes to diamonds - Another multilevel Mario game. Check it out!

WARNING: all this game are not tested on an emulator! So someone, especially for multi-load (with turboloader) games, can't function properly. Anywhere these games are tested on a real C64!
We're also developing the C64 MediaDB.. very slowly. take a look, anyway.


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