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The AEG spelling was born about in 1979 (!!) in the center of Italy. The denomination A E G is simply formed by the initial letters of the names of its founders (A......(nickname: Andy) E ("and" in italian) G..........(nickname:Pippo)). Why 1979 (C64 was not a reality at that time) ? 'Cause we two, 9 years old, were fallen in love for arcade games. Andy was the joystick leader and Pippo the master of buttons (we are telling about games like Asteroid...old times..). So,  we filled the high scores, that permitted only three characters, with our initials.

At the beginning of 1983Andy received for X-Mas (1982's X-Mas, but his parents didn't found C64 so this great gift arrived later) the fabolous Commodore 64. What a beauty! The first three months we learned basic programming without the tape recorder, so, at the end of the day, all our works were lost! After few months, Pippo received a C64 too. We started swapping programs with friends, first in the original format (about 20 minutes for loading a good game), then using the Turbo-Tape (remember?). But.. what's happen?  We can't copy this or that game!!! Why? Someone told us about program protection against piracy, so we tried to crack programs learning ML. The first official bug-free was Hunchback by Ocean in the last 1983. SUCCESS!!

We decided to form a group, called AEG Soft. And it was its official born. The following years (about 1986) we bought 1541 drive and we expanded our friendship with other italian groups. We made some cracks and programs in our history, but AEG Soft was mainly a group of swapping and importing (in our region).

Our activity lowered since 1993 and finally stopped in 1995.


Actual members          

Andy, Pippo

Andy status

Occupation: PC programmer

Hobbies: skiing, friends, motorcycling, movies, programming , websurfing and C64 games.

Pippo status

Occupation: qualified shoes agent

Hobbies: girls, friends, cars, motorcycling, movies, websurfing and C64 games

AEG Soft current C64 equipments

  • 2 C64 (old version)
  • 2 tape recorder
  • 3 1541 drives
  • 1 1581 drive
  • some joysticks
  • 1 Isepic cartridge
  • 1 Freeze Frame cartridge
  • 1 Final Cartridge III cartridge
  • 2 Action Replay MK VI cartridge
  • 1 CBM MPS-1230 printer (nowadays also used on a PC)
  • 1 CBM MPS-0803 compatible printer
  • 1 expansion memory unit
  • 2 CBM mouse
  • lot of books and tons of magazines (expecially ZZAP!64 italian version and Commodore Computer Club)
  • Thousands of programs on disks and tapes.

Swapping and cooperation with:

  • The Stormboys
  • Papysoft
  • Mamasoft (that coded most of our intros)
  • GoldenSoft
  • The Wizard
  • Crystal
  • FagSoft
  • Lights of Sound
  • Valey
  • MaxSoft the nightmare


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